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About Us

We started with a simple idea

Making Ideas Come to Life

MASAC solution has a highly motivated team, strongly focused on providing innovative solutions to any specific customer need.

We are offering complete multidisciplinary mechatronics solutions in the field of industrial automation, mechanics, software and electronics, starting from research and development through design and procurement to the final construction, testing and supply.

We help companies create and improve their industry goods and services through long lasting, mutually rewarding business relationships. We collaborate with our partners to streamline project plans that deliver on product perfection and on time.

MASAC team offers the most up-to-date, custom manufacturing solutions. We only source materials from trusted suppliers that meet our standards of quality control.


MASAC aims to be a leader in providing innovative and quality-based mechatronic solutions for our clients. Building a company with competencies for research, innovation and management, with humanistic values, that contributes to the progress of technology and development expectations.


We are fully focused on being a region-leading mechatronics engineering company with an emphasis on innovative solutions, rich industrial partnerships and dynamic entrepreneurial intelligence. We will continue to foster this approach through increasingly multidisciplinary methods and a highly engaged professional team.

Our passion is CREATING, our expertise is ENGINEERING